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Scammed By Jack O'Neill

Mr. Jack O'Neill called us on November 12, 2010 to let us know that they had someone to buy our timeshare. You see, we had been trying to sell our timeshare for at least six months with no one to buy it. They said they had a buyer that would pay $10,000, but that we needed to pay the escrow of $1200. We said yes to it and they faxed information with forms to fill out and sign. It looked ligit. We signed the papers and faxed them back and they took the money out of our account by debit card. We were to get our money from sale two days later, but when we didn't get anything, I called and the number was disconnected. I reported it to the Better Business Bureau, but we were scammed. I hope they find these guys, because evidently they are still doing this.

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