Westgate owner for 26 years

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Do you as a Westgate owner feel like a second class citizen? We checked in at about 2 p.m. Husband refused to let them put a hold on our credit card. Problems started. They said our timeshare was not ready and they would call us. When we got there, we noticed our door was opened so we thought they were cleaning it. O.K. went to eat. Came back and noticed something in the door and it was from housecleaning that they had shampooed our carpet at 10:30 that morning.

We went up to V.I.P. to get our keys for the villa. They told us that check-in was from 4-6 p.m. I guess we can check-out from 10-12 a.m. We waited until 4:40. My wife went to the villa and the housekeeper there said it was cleaned the day before. They did a good job but they said they were not associated with Westgate. Security had to open our door and I finally got our keys and they could not find the information that we had checked-in. Our grill top was removed. Manager was left message, grill suddenly appeared back on the pole. Manager said that the owner could change anything he wanted? I believe that is incorrect. Still having people trying to get us to up-grade.

Door under the sink almost fail on my wife's foot. Looked like it was unscrewed. All we wanted was to have a stress free vacation and they did nothing but try to agitate us. I was not the only owner who was going through problem checking in, my wife talked to 3 other people with the same problem. Never had any problems before. Grass was not cut properly around our villas. Trash was around the property. Where is my high maintain fee going?

Do you feel like they are trying to push us out of our purchased timeshare? We still enjoyed our vacation even when they tried to destroy it. We have no need to upgrade. We just want them to leave us alone. when we go for our fixed week.