Eleminate Maintenance Fee - Scam

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Received a letter from Resort Owners Association located in Orlando, FL claiming that "for a limited time, you may participate in this program that may eliminate maintenance fees for timeshare owners" I called their phone number (1-877-502-XXXX) and they tried to sent me up with an appointment to talk with a representative who would be in my city on a date in July.

I indicated that I wanted to know more before I met with anyone from their Company knowing that they would want a "Fee" for whatever they claimed they would do for me. I told the phone rep that their Website would not let me on without a ID and Password. She asked what Website I visited and I told her. She said the website ended in .com instead of .org. I still couldn't log in at the .com site.

Smells fishy to me when they claim they can't tell you anything unless they know all the information about me because their plans are 'custom' made for my personal situation. I did tell them the Resort I owned but that's all I gave them. They said my Resort qualified but couldn't tell me more without me giving them info.

Rule of thumb - if you can't talk about what you are trying to sell me without my personal info, 'take a hike'!