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Flapship AC timeshare gifts - what a crock

We went there with all of the intentions to see what all the timeshare was about. All they want is your money for their hotel for a week then you have to pay a assco. fee annualy. Then we finally got out of there after three hours. We got our free gifts. Which are completely ridiculous. For our mini vacation.

All it was is a two night stay at their certain hotels then you have to pick three places and a approxinmate time you want to go. Send in 50 bucks which is supposed to be refundable. Then they didnt get back to us after filling out a bunch of paper work. Youndont know where you are going on this stupid mini vacation. Dont trust them they are all conivers.


0 #1 Timesbare Insights 2012-07-21 19:56
You didn't know what the gifts were beforehand? Of course they want your money...its a sales presentation.

While I am the first to admit that the what passes for timeshre marketing and sales practices have to change, I would be stunned if you really went to the sales presentation wanting to find out about the timeshare and not for the gifts.

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