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Costa Rica and Dominican REpublic scams

Do not buy a timeshare from Coco Sunset in Guanacaste Costa Rica! They are running a scam telling buyers that they can sell their existing timeshare units at a great rate to “rich Asians” and with their purchase of 4 weeks, they can rent them at a guaranteed rate of about $2500 per week. Guaranteed for 10 years. We foolishly believed their story and have come to find out it is all a fraud.


The rental company – Executive Properties, in our case – does not rent the units, just collects a fee to manage your account! Our sales person – Terri Uhlmer – and the manager – Joe Potter – fraudulently presented the sales of the timeshare promoting the great rental/ existing sales program. Stay away from anything in Costa Rica or Dominican Republic operating with the names Miramar, Coconut Palms, Executive Properties, Optimus, or Omnicorp. If you are a lawyer and would like to represent me in trying to expose these companies/sellers, and to help me recoup my investment, please leave your email address on this site! Thanks!
Severely Bitten by Fraud.


0 #3 Matilda Palmer 2015-02-24 20:43
Thousands of International travelers, particularly from the US and Canada, have fallen victims of timeshare fraud while vacationing. Resort developers hire skilled salesmen to represent their timeshares as many different attractive packages, such as financial investments, deeded properties, or vacation clubs, just to increase their sales.
0 #2 Andrea White 2015-02-13 23:55
When taking a vacation, timeshare owners want the newest and most luxurious accommodation that they can afford with their hard-earned money. The timeshare scam salespeople are aware of this fact and use it to their advantage in order to increase their sales. This are good articles:
0 #1 John Lemen 2013-08-28 17:30
See and the Cease and Desist Order against Platinum Resort Services:

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