Costa Rica and Dominican REpublic scams

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Do not buy a timeshare from Coco Sunset in Guanacaste Costa Rica! They are running a scam telling buyers that they can sell their existing timeshare units at a great rate to “rich Asians” and with their purchase of 4 weeks, they can rent them at a guaranteed rate of about $2500 per week. Guaranteed for 10 years. We foolishly believed their story and have come to find out it is all a fraud.


The rental company – Executive Properties, in our case – does not rent the units, just collects a fee to manage your account! Our sales person – Terri Uhlmer – and the manager – Joe Potter – fraudulently presented the sales of the timeshare promoting the great rental/ existing sales program. Stay away from anything in Costa Rica or Dominican Republic operating with the names Miramar, Coconut Palms, Executive Properties, Optimus, or Omnicorp. If you are a lawyer and would like to represent me in trying to expose these companies/sellers, and to help me recoup my investment, please leave your email address on this site! Thanks!
Severely Bitten by Fraud.