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Universal Timeshare SA Scam

On December 2, 2012, Mr. Wesley Alexander, then director of sales for Universal Timeshare Sales Associates, contacted me to tell me that his company had a person who wanted to purchase my Wyndham Bonnet Creek timeshare for $89, 600.00. He said that the sale would be completed within 90 days.

He sent me a letter with the breakdown of the fee I had to pay to have them complete the sale. Each month for three months there was a meeting supposedly scheduled to meet with the buyer who was never able to get finance to buy. When I would question Jamie, the parson assigned to work with me, he would try to assure me that they were working out a way for the buyer to finance the sale. I have not heard from them in the passed two months.

The 90 days are over and I just want my money back. No one will answer my phone calls now. I wanted to write the company for a refund, but after reading the BBB report on this company I found out that Universal Timeshare SA is not located at the address that is listed.

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