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More on Hacienda del Mar marketing hype

We bought into HDM over 10 yrs ago and gradually worked up to a New Penthouse ownership. We always enjoy our time at HDM even though the maintenance fees are way beyond excessive!!

In Nov., 2010 we attended another marketing meeting after the owners' breakfast where one of the sales force fed us a line about the NEW Master Member Ownership. He went on and on about new facilities in La Paz, Todo Santos and another along the corridor between Cabo and San Jose del Cabo...that we would have access to and could stay there vs. at HDM. This upgrade?? was not inexpensive to say the least.
In Nov.,2011 we sat with the head of HDM marketing management, a Mr. Vering, wanting to find out status of these new facilities. Well, turns out that La Paz has been stopped because of environmental regs, Todo Santos is still a pipe dream and the other one along the corridor...who knows what's going on with it...rarely receive any kind of status report on any of these items.

I have contacted several people at HDM management, more than once, to explain to us just what we paid the additional $$$ for to get the MM upgrade. To this day....little to no explanation. But I'm continuing to push. I could include more details but think you get the picture.

All I can say is when dealing with the sales force and management of HDM---BUYER BEWARE!!!


0 #2 Matilda Palmer 2015-03-06 00:00
Salesperson has client sign a Cardholders Acknowledgement stating that the contract is non-cancellable and the deposit is non-refundable. This is illegal according to the 5-day rescission law in Mexico. I read an article about it:
0 #1 Lester Wyborny 2012-12-27 18:24
Sorry to hear about how you were swindled by Hacienda del Mar.

My wife and I were also swindled by Hacienda del Mar. It seems that they are "short of money" and need to raise it by telling people lies, having them give you their money which allows them to make it to the next month. They don't care if it is their own members or new people who visit their resort.

My wife and I signed onto a contract, but when we learned that we were swindled, we stopped paying the monthly payments. When we demanded our money back, they said that they already paied it out to their staff - I don't think that they don't have the money to pay us back. I think that they are on the edge of insolvancy.

I hope that you have better luck than us, but I would not hold my breath.

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