Brownstone Enterprises Group timeshare upfront fee

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Brownstone Enterprises group in Houston Texas contacted me about renting or selling our timeshare in Puerto Vallarta. When I received the contract by email, I asked the sales person, Steven Diaz, if we had to pay anything upfront. He was very vague in his answers.

He said there is a 10% transfer fee that would be used to do whatever had to be done with Mexico, and that the owner couldn't do it. He said the money would be in escrow, and I could confirm that with the escrow company. Before signing the contract, I asked him again if we had to pay anything before the closing. He said the transfer fee had to be paid before the closing. So I told him we were not interested. At that point, he became very rude and antagonistic.

I had looked up this company and not found any complaints against them, so I thought maybe it was legitimate. But now I think it is just another scam.