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Pueblo Bonito Blanco - Maintenance Fee SCAM

I just got a bill from the resort stating that I owe $9000.00 for back maintenance fees. They say said that I was paying fees for a smaller unit that what I owned. I told them I paid what they billed me yearly and it has gone up each year for the past 10 years. They then told me that "you were only paying for 1 week and were receiving 2 weeks so now you owe the past amount." I told them I paid exactly what they were billing me for the past 10 years and I should not be penalized if "they made a mistake." TOO bad they tell me. I either pay or I will not be able to use the resort ever again OR "you can give us back one of the weeks and keep the second week and use it for the next 10 years and then we will be even because you paid $10,000 for each week and that is what you owe us."

Anyone else having this sort of problem and what did you do? I don't have the $9,000 to pay the money they say I owe, so what am I to do?

The US management company said they were doing this to lots of people and they could not help, just to contact the resort directly.

Thanks for any advise anyone can give me!



0 #2 Matilda Palmer 2015-09-24 21:20
This company is one of the most fraudulent developers ins the timeshare industry. The only thing you can do is cancel your timeshare contract. I recommend you to read a good article aout this resort: [url=]
0 #1 Guest 2009-04-20 13:58
Wow! THAT's a NEW trick! I don't have any experience with this. I would actually call the BBB or the Commerce dept in the state (country?) this timeshare is in and ask for their advice. Wow... I'm floored! Mona Lawton

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