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Playa Del Sol - Timeshare Fraud

In March of 2006 we purchased a timeshare at Playa Del Sol, Los Cabos. We were told we could post our weeks and make $1,000/week, or resell the deeded unit at any time and make money. The complex wasn't finished until August 2007 and they are now fully booked through 2009, which makes it impossible for us to book any vacation time, post our weeks as rentals, or resell the deeded unit at any price. This company has fraudulently represented itself and stolen our money and we will be taking legal action against them.



+1 #177 Matilda Palmer 2015-02-14 00:00
Mexico is still considered a third world country, and they rely heavily on tourism and timeshare sales for the health of their economy. With their beautiful beaches and lush surroundings, it should be easy to sell timeshares based on the inherent qualities of the resort and the destination; however, many timeshare companies in Mexico use fraudulent sales tactics to boost their sales even more. Their rental and resale promises seem too good to be true, and induce clients that wouldn’t normally purchase, to take the plunge and invest thousands of dollars. There are good articles:
+2 #176 Pauline Aubert 2014-11-20 21:39
Don't go to presentations for free anything they kept us (felt like hostage) for 8 hours!and high high pressure sales
+2 #175 Larry 2012-05-15 11:28
I will not pay them a single cent. My wife and I were ripped off when we purchased PDS in Cabo. Used it twice until my wife got sick and was airlifted to San Diego,CA to the tune of 25K UP FRONT!!!! It's bad enough they didn't tell us the resort was sold, but now they keep billing me for maintenance charges and late fees. I've witten twice and called but everything goes unanswered. They can all drop dead!!! The time share business is a total scam and Mexico is the worlds most distrusted.
+2 #174 Larry 2012-05-15 11:23
Yes I have received bills and continue to receive them with late fees tacked on. I have written two letters and sent them certified. I know they were received. I have been trying to "dump" whatever it is I own (which is apparently nothing!) They just keep sending me bills. The whole thing with BelAire is a scam. I'm sick of the whole Time Share scam. I actually received another call from some scam company in Texas, looking to buy my timeshare. I just said to the young lady..."are you kidding me?" and hung up. So disgusted!
0 #173 garlin 2012-05-14 17:03
I'm an owner of timeshae at the former Playa Del SOl -Los Cabos, and like the majority of owners on this site, have been anxious to do ANYTHING to get back at this company to recoup any of the money I invested.

I feel I was part of a major scam due to misrepresentati on without a path for recourse. I've looked into several companies that have offered to purchase but they too, were part of a scam for more moeny.

We have so many people in this grop, I would think there is action we can take, ideally legal. The other alternative is to hit them where it hurts and use every social media platform to alert all consumers as to what Playa Del Sol/Bel-Airre is really about. Perhaps we could make enough noise that it would impact their tourist business and they would address the issues of their owners.
0 #172 Lambrecht 2012-05-14 16:51
I purchased a 1 Bedroom lockoff in Playa Del Sol Grand - Puerto Vallarta in July 2007. The purchase price was S$23,595.00.

We have used the time share every year since then until January 2011. In January 2011, while staying in the resort, we were told that Playa Del Sol is in the process of being purchased by Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa Vallarta. We were told that we have to pay $750.00 special assessment fee, if we want to reserve the time share for the next year (01/2012). I declined, since paying this and the usual maintenance fee (due per contract when the time share is used), would amount to over US$1,000, which does not make any economical sense, because it is equal to advertized hotel prices at the resort which range from US$130-150/nigh t x 7. In the remainder of 2011 and beginning of 2012, I tried repeatedly to remedy the situation. My latest attempt took place in 01/2012. There I was told, that from now on the maintenance fees due upon using our week is US$775.00.

This means that after the take-over of the resort by Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa Vallarta the maintenance fees were doubled. They reached a level comparable to the price of the rooms in the resort if rented using the hotel option.

Can we do something about this? They took our 23,000 dollars for a time share deed, to just make it impossible to use what we bought after just 6 years.

I feel, that this amounts to fraud by a scheme which is intended for time share owners in the resort to either pay the very high costs, or not to come to the resort at all, resulting in open units which can be further rented by the company to other customers.

Nils Lambrecht
0 #171 gonzzo 2012-04-05 18:25
Has anyone else besides me received bills from both Playa del Sol S.A. de. C. V and the Bel Air Collection for the annual maintenance fee for the Playa Del Sol Grand?
0 #170 Jodi Thomson 2012-03-31 23:50
Quoting Janet:
Send me your email and I will send you the letter.

Would you be willing to send me that info too?

Really appreciate it!
+1 #169 Jodi Thomson 2012-03-31 23:48
I would love to get that address, they dont seem to want to give it to me. We have stopped paying (it was actually an accident) but in looking to get out, we realized what a big scam we were caught in. I would like to cut our losses and walk away if we can.
0 #168 R. Howells 2012-03-19 15:45
Please send me your email so that I can sent you an invitation to the free website
0 #167 Jim Dooney 2012-03-19 13:25
I saw a posty by you referring to a Costa Vida owners wwebsite. We are original Costa Vida fixed week owners and owners of a PDS 1 week membership.
Would appreciate receiving access to your site.

0 #166 L. Rightmire 2012-03-14 22:00
Greetings and big thanks to Janet Burkholder who sent me the cancellation form -- but in the end we didn't use it.

I was in the middle of sending letters, then, saying I wanted to cancel etc. I had sent $116 which they called "overdue" -- my mom passed away last year, but my name was on it as well and I received this before Christmas. They had added $482 as the 2012 fee. I stated I was cancelling since it had been more than five years (their salespeople indicated five years then you can "walk away"). So then I got a new bill with the $482 PLUS $20 something that they had added as a new late fee.

Also, when I *FINALLY* got someone on the phone -- after much transferring and mumbling where you honestly don't know whether they've answered "Playa del Sol" (not logical?) or "Bel Air" -- and much transferring during which your "muzak" is actually a calliope tune, I'm not kidding, adding to the sense of ludicrousness.. ..

So finally a nice soft-spoken fellow, "Moses", says he will follow up and phone me back. Half an hour later which I am perhaps unfairly picturing as him talking to a guy sitting next to him -- he phoned me to say, "I have talked to some people and I can assure you, you won't get any more bills like that."

This wasn't entirely satisfactory so I asked, "But can I get something in writing? I need the cancellation stated in writing." I had all along thought it was highly fishy I was getting statements with a kind of (cheap) photocopied "Playa del Sol" at the top when now it's Bel-Air. And other times I'd tried to phone, I got either a busy signal, or something that sounded like the phone picking up -- then going dead.

After my insistence I wanted some thing in writing, "Moses" just kept repeating his remark, and "you don't need to worry about it and just ignore it" -- and this just made it sound even more fishy.

So I was extra disappointed after I got off the phone, that I had even sent the $116 (yes, the cheque already had gone through). So even though I'm a tenacious person and I'm tempted to try to get the $116 back through Profeco, basically I am resigned.

I'm mainly disappointed we didn't know the five-day rule, back then, because I know my mom immediately regretted having signed.

We still have a Mayan Palace membership which I am relinquishing my part of to my sister. My mom and I enjoyed many "resort" vacations there in PV over the years.

Thanks to everyone here -- and good luck!

L. Rightmire

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