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Mystic Dunes - Florida Timeshare Scam

In August, whilst on holiday in florida I was offered cheap Disney tickets to view a golf spa resort called Mystic Dunes. On arrival at the resort we were sent home because I didn't have my credit card with me and although I didn't plan to return, the hotel staff persuaded me to visit the next day. The sales pitch was quite heavy and the girl who took us round sold me lots of stories about her bad relationship with her boyfriend so I felt kind of sorry for her - Still no reason to go ahead I know but the place was really nice and I'd come into some money which I didn't want to put into stocks and needed to invest.

During the sales consultation, the sales manager quoted me 33900 dollars for 2 weeks - I asked him to convert this to GBP and he did so - he wrote this on the worksheet $17035.00 (underlined in the attached PDF). I had been refused entry unless I had my credit card with me else I don't Think I would have committed to this.

They then took me through to sign the documents and took credit card payments for the 2 deposit payments which they said would only go through on the dates specified sept 25 08 and October 25 08 if I had'nt paid in full. On the 8 September which was outside the 10 day recession period, I contacted them and they asked me to wire across the money. I wired the full amount which instantly voided the 2 advance payments' instalments they had taken. When I checked my statement I was horrified to see that the transaction came to nearly 20,0000 GBP (This was only a few days after returning home so the dollar value had not changed).

I've had no written confirmation from them just an email saying the payment had gone through after I made the enquiry. I queried this amount with them but they said they had no record of me being quoted $17035.00. Looking through the PDF they supplied me however the worksheet quotation does show where the sales guy wrote this conversion amount on the paperwork but they refuse to acknowledge this. Its underlined above the dollar value.

I feel completely misled as to the value and to add to my stress I came home to a bill about 2 weeks later asking me to pay 1,380.42 dollars maintenance and tax by the end of October which I still haven't paid. On the Acknowledgement of representations I initialled, I had understood this to be 573.47 dollars. The customer services team when I rang them yesterday said this was doubled plus tax because I had bought 2 weeks but I hadn't been explained this and the terminology on the acknowledgement of representations document didn't read that way to me at all.

There's no way I would have committed to this had I not been so pressured, had I known it would cost me so much and that the maintenance was double what I'd expected.

Its completely out of my financial reach - feel so misled and upset and would just like out of the whole thing but after eventually getting a response from them they say there is nothing they can do except change my occupancy to 2010.

I have copies of documents on PDF Please can you advise, I'm a single parent and this was money I had at the time because I'd inherited it.

This transaction has wiped me out financially. If anyone can help this would be appreciated.


Submitted by: Denise

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