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Marriott - Timeshare Ownership Hell!

I am an owner of a Marriot Grand Chateau in Las Vegas, Nevada which I’ve purchased in July 22, 2006.

It was a so easy to sign the agreement and make the purchase. They assured of that even though I was not a US resident my purchase and my ownership will be a smooth sailing.

Well what a mistake it was to make this purchase. Following is how it began after I returned back home.
1) In order for me to make the final payment I had to call Marriot International several times. They were not able to update my e-mail contact information, not send me any request or information until my payment was past due.
2) They refuse to take a full payment and made me take loan for three months with 12% even though I insisted on paying them full instantly.
3) I never received any ownership paperwork
4) I did not receive a statement for my maintenance fees. I found out about when I was not able to sign in to my account to transfer my reward points.
5) I was not informed neither through their web site or an e-mail regarding the time limits on by when I can transfer my week to reward points or when to rent my week.
6) Missed my option of transferring the first year week to reward points
7) Missed my option of having Marriott rent my second year week. Season was full
I called Marriott Timeshare Owner help line they made me signed up to an Interval International for one year in order to get my first year back only to find out that I can only exchange that week after making a reservation at Marriott. Marriott send me to Interval International and they send me back to Marriott until I finally gave up. My week for 2008 is still not resolved.

As a result of this, I have page full of numbers. A number for Marriott Rewards, a number for Timeshare owner, a number for Interval International and number for Marriott resale but satisfactory results from any of them. Plus many log-in IDs for several websites.

They say one day for two bed-room at Grand Chateau is rented for $424.00 but they can only pay me $800.00 for one week rental minus the 30% IRS tax. I can’t even sell it!


Submitted by: Ruhugul Keskinel

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