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Fairfield Resorts - Bait and Switch scam

Fairfield resorts, (also, they go by Wyndham resorts, and so I have filed this under both names...) took our 159.00 in exchange for a 3 night stay in one of their vacation resorts in San Diego. But that is not what we got. They lied.
Beware of this company. When we got our reservation, we were not scheduled to stay in the resort, but in a 2.5 star hotel in a city area with no pool, etc. When I called them, the real nightmare began.

First I waited on the phone for 25 minutes listening to 'please be assured, your call is important to us, etc. etc.' After the 'customer service' woman informed me she had no record of me, she hung up though I begged her to wait until I could find the account number...(she was the rudest customer support person I have ever dealt with in my life.)

A few seconds later (after finding the account number) I called back and waited 52 minutes for a customer service rep to answer but no one ever did. I finally called various numbers until a human being connected me with someone who could talk with me. It took me an hour and a half just to get some help!!! Then, I was told there was nothing they could do. They said the owners were always using the resorts so the chances of us getting to stay in one were very small. something they never mentioned when they offered us the three night stay. Definately bait and switch. don't get suckered in to this one!

Submitted by: Betsy - aloha, Oklahoma

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