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Executive Timeshare - Promises

Recently my grandmother decided to sell her timeshare in Florida. The original agent quoted her a price that sounded very reasonable. She was then contacted by this company, Executive Timeshare, which quoted a price significantly higher than the agent. She made no commitment at the time as her husband had recently passed away and she required time to grieve and get her affairs in order.

This company continued to call her, specifically an agent by the name of Nick. This wasn't just a follow-up call, this was constant harassment and almost daily calls which eventually became hourly calls. Eventually he raised the quote he could sell the timeshare for, promising $20000 more than what the original agent could sell it for. And with the added bonus of no commission on the sale. He even stated that these timeshares were hot commodities in Europe and he had loads of clients ready to buy.

Upon further investigation and conversation, he required a mere $1900 to sell this timeshare and he did not have anyone interested at the time. And he could not make any guarantee that he would be able to sell it.

From the sounds of it and reading other entries, avoid these guys like the plague. They prey on senior citizens and will not give up until they get your money.


Submitted by: Bill Smith

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