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Executive Timeshare - Attempt to Sell Timeshare

I believe I have been a victim of fraud and deception byExecutive Timeshare Marketing of Florida regarding anAug 1, 2008 Master Card transaction of $899. The companywas supposed to place my timeshare on its marketing website with the understanding that they would refund my money if somebodyelse found a seller withing 20 percentof their recommended price.

The suggested price was fartoo high, and I haven't seen any evidence that they didany marketing at all. In addition, they told me that Iwould not be able to deed back the property to WyndhamFlagstaff Resort, which turned out to be untrue.

I have been unable to get Executive Timeshare to refund mymoney, hence this request for a refund.


Submitted by: Ron Caldwell


0 #1 Guest 2009-04-20 14:14
I presume this is a copy of the letter you sent to Mastercard asking for a refund?

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