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Calypso Cay Resort - 500USD for nothing

Approx. 4 year ago I 'won' a vacation package on the internet. Some days at a resort/timeshare in Orlando with free day pass to Disneyworld, some days in Fort Lauderdale, some days in Cancun mexico and a cruise to bahamas. All because they wanted to promote their new timeshare apartments in Orlando. I could make the trips/stays within 18months and got phone numbers to contact them for reservation when I had found the dates suitable for me. In the mean time I got a real nice folder with tickets and reservation number. When I contacted them by phone to book the dates for my travel they gave me a new e-mail address where I was supposed to send my booking. This appeared not to be a valid address. I then tried to call then\m on the phone again and the phone was no longer operational. All I ever got was some nice pictures in a folder.

Then, yesterday after 4 years I got a phone call from Calypso cay resort. The man who named himself Joe Sreer asked me why I never visited them. He reffered to my reservation 4 years ago and I told him the whole thing was a fraud. He then said the resort knew about the fraud and was sorry someone had used their good name and reputation for this reason. Now the wanted to offer me an even better deal with longer stays. After nearly 1/2 an hour promoting the new offer, I was told that they had to have 999USD for this new better deal.

As I already had payed 500 tey woul withdraw this so all I had to pay was 499USD. Then he asked me for a taped confirmation that they could withdraw te sum from my credit card. I asked them to call me back in two days so that I could check on them before I made any payment. This was not possible. I stopped it there. The most scary thing about this is that they have kept the information they have on me in 4 years and this shows they have not been stopped. I really hope this can help the police to stop the scam and punish the scoundrels.



0 #2 Cherry Law 2010-08-03 18:05
Hi, my 85 year old mum was cold called by this company and sold a holiday package, as she understood for £80, in actual fact it was £672.76. She thought she had purchased me and my daughter a cheap holiday in Florida. They must have known my Mum was having a problem understanding but still sold it to her. When I found out I rang and cancelled the package immediately and asked for a refund, that was in March 2010. She is still waiting for this refund and we are now in August 2010. I have made several calls to this company who acknowledge there is a "refund pending". It is now in the hands of the bank who have permission to involve the police as further monies has been withdrawn from my mothers account.I am discussed that they will even rip off the elderly with no thought of the consequences, dirt bag is to tame a name for these unscrupulous people.
0 #1 Sam 2010-02-28 14:52
I went into an interview with this company, I walked right out. I am sorry for anyone that gets caught up with these dirt bags.
The location of the company, the people working there, and the atmospher of the working enviroment was disgusting.
The office was little more then a rundown shack, not a profesional place.

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