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Bluegreen - Broken Promises and Misleading

My wife and I purchased a timeshare through Bluegreen at Charleston, SC. We have 8,000 points every other year. We soon learned that we didn't have enough points to use the timeshare for an entire week. We were definitely misled.

We pay outrageously high interest to a mortgage company owned by Bluegreen, . No attorney was present at the loan closing. We were never told about the maintenance fee, which is exorbitant, between the monthly payment and the maintenance fee I don't know how much longer we can hold out.

They told me i could sell the timeshare as easy as that once we thought we are not going to use it which is a total BS. We tried to sell our timeshare back to bluegreen, they refused, refered us to a real estate company (Pinnacle Vacations) owned by Bluegreen...I am paying Pinnacle $35.00 in since 2004. Nothing!! Hope we can do something about this. There has to be something we can do. I am so much hopeless and sick about this thing going around and tricking others into it.

My experiences i believe won't be much different from other victims. Thanks for putting my rant up.


Submitted by: bun kiat


-1 #40 Zach 2011-12-20 06:09
I'm in the same boat. Let's get this class action suit under way. I will help build a community of those lied to by Blue Green, or at least a movement where we all not pay anymore.
0 #39 Zach 2011-12-20 06:05
I am in the exact position my friend. When I bought it in Charleston as well, I was told if my girlfriend and I split it would be so easy to sell. well I am on the 7,000 even plan and every time I have tried to use it, I never have enough points and they don't even have resorts in the areas I vacation. I was told a lot of lies and even after doing research I would have to pay much more to buy points to make it worth a damn. Worse off is it is actually cheaper to put together a vacation yourself. F Bluegreen, I would love it if everyone they lied to either stopped paying or started a class action suit.
0 #38 infonow 2011-11-17 18:45
You should check out truthabouttimes s of information there, but you can find out all the information you want in an excellent book called The Truth About Timeshares...Li nks on the page to find it!
0 #37 Hardy 2011-10-26 23:06
All these bluegreen, yelowred or brownwhite or any other time share a big BS and highway robber sucking money from people. I can see that their timeshare are not selling anymore because we all know their lies and BS. Their stupidity killing the goose that lay the golden eggs. About time and thanks to the internet to spread and reveal their lies and deceit.
0 #36 Hardy 2011-10-26 22:59
Jason: You must be part of Blugreen or the salesman and has been sucking peoples money. Do not be proud of yourself and shame on you tricking people with lies and inuendo.
0 #35 Wanda 2011-10-03 23:11
We put property in Pinnacle Vacations 2x with no avail. There are so many properties there also to sell. I'm with you Rhonda C, we just want someone to take over payments or buy it and take it off our hands and out of our pockets. What do you suggest or what you you done. Pls. reply
0 #34 Dao 2011-09-19 19:53
Bill, are you really in a class action lawsuit? If you are, could you please forward me with some info, i would like to join the lawsuit because i am a Bluegreen owner. I have also been lied to and mislead by this company. Thank you for your help. Looking forward to hearing from you.
0 #33 Russ 2011-08-17 12:07
We are in a similar situation with a Tahiti Village Timeshare in Las Vegas. We were sold a bill of goods, the company that was selling them went bankrupt, and we decided to take action ourselves. We just stopped paying the mortgage. The worst that could happen is a bad credit rating. Been there before and life goes on. It has been turned over to Pinnacle Recovery.

We make judicious use of caller ID so they don't bother us. We had previously sent a letter to Tahiti Village and outlined that we would just like them to take back the timeshare, but they ignored it.

We just received an unsigned letter from Pinnacle stating that Tahiti had authorized them to offer a deal for about $7300 cash to let us out of the mortgage, which was about $25K in January, but they are saying it is 36K now. I don't trust Pinnacle. They could very easily accept the 7300 and come after us for the rest. Again, the letter was not signed by anyone. Naturally, there is a time limit.

Has aynone from this board received similar letters?
0 #32 dj 2011-07-06 02:26
so you would rather endanger other bluegreen owners and their children. grow up and take responsiblity for yourself!
-1 #31 Sherry Simpson 2011-06-15 00:49
Pinnacle Vacations would not sale my points and told me they were worthless and that charter memberships do not transfer yet their website (Pinnacle) clearly advertises the same.

I have offered to turn my timeshare back in and they refused to take it. They are stealing from a disabled widow at the rate of $400 in late fees and penalties since November 2011. Lawyers, you want my case. Get them off my back, restore my credit rating and you can keep anything you get from the lying, stealing, rascals!

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