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Bluegreen - They lied to me

Bluegreen Lied to me on all key selling points of the timeshare. Boca Raton Florida

Everything I was lied about...

1) I was told they would buy back the timeshare for any reason if I did not want it anymore.
2) We were told we can sell it if we don't want it anymore. We now find out it can only be transferred to a family member. Why would I put family through what I am dealing with?
3) I was never told maintenance fees go up every year. As a matter of fact I was told they did not.
4) I am having issues getting the place I want when I want because... I was not informed that people who purchase higher point shares get early access to reserve their vacations first. This makes it literally impossible to take my 'dream vacation'.
5) This one is sad. The manager of the Bloomington Minnesota office, when we were registering, found out that I wanted to go see Lewis Black live at Mystic Lake Casino. He said, 'Oh I can get you tickets for free. I am a platinum card holder for the casino.' I tried calling back to see if he got them, only to have him NEVER return my calls and actually hang up on me when I identified who I was and why I was calling. More than once.

I am so mad right now and can not think of the other reasons my wife and I are completely pissed off. Do your research on this company if you do not believe me.

Submitted by: Scott


0 #1 Rob Miller 2009-07-28 22:28
Cool site.

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